HYW 13 T5

HYW-13 T5
Powered by YANMAR
50 HZ
HIMOINSA Company with quality certification ISO 9001
HIMOINSA gensets are compliant with EC mark which includes the following directives:
• 2006/42/CE Machinery safety.
• 2006/95/EC Low voltage.
• 2004/108/CE Electromagnetic compatibility.
• 2000/14/EC Sound Power level. Noise emissions outdoor equipment. (amended by 2005/88/EC)
• 97/68/EC Emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants. (amended by 2002/88/EC & 2004/26/EC)
• EN 12100, EN 13857, EN 60204
Ambient conditions of reference: 1000 mbar, 25ºC, 30% relative humidity. Power according to ISO 3046 normative.
P.R.P. Prime Power - ISO 8528:
Prime power is the maximum power available during a variable power sequence, which may be run for an unlimited
number of hours per year, between stated maintenance intervals. The permissible average power output during a
24 hours period shall not exceed 80% of the prime power. 10% overload available for governing purposes only.
Standby Power (ISO 3046 Fuel Stop power):
Power available for use at variable loads for limited annual time (500h), within the following limits of
maximum operating time: 100% load 25h per year – 90% load 200h per year. No overload available.
Applicable in case of failure of the main in areas of reliable electrical network.